Welcome to the Missouri KIDS COUNT data tool. This site provides interactive access to the data reported in the Missouri KIDS COUNT Data Book. First produced in 1993, the Missouri KIDS COUNT Data Book is an invaluable repository of comprehensive, longitudinal information on the status of children and their families.

In addition to the interactive data browser, this site also offers a PDF version of the complete 2018 Missouri KIDS COUNT Data Book (8MB) and archived PDF versions of the data book from 2006 and 2008–2013). The 2018 book is also available in a shorter version without county data pages (4.7MB).

The mission of the Missouri KIDS COUNT Data Book is to improve the well-being of Missouri's children and families. The data book and website are easily accessible tools to assist local and state public policymakers and child advocates in identifying both needs and solutions for Missouri's children and their families.

The Missouri KIDS COUNT Data Book is a collaborative project of the Family and Community Trust (FACT), the Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis (OSEDA) at the University of Missouri, and more than 20 public and private organizations across the state. CTF and the Annie E. Casey Foundation provide the primary funding for the data book and data tool.

For more information, please visit the Missouri KIDS COUNT main site.